Book Publishing Testimonials

"Ros Nelson took all my fear out of getting my novel MASHKIKI RAPIDS published. She knows how to walk the fine line between providing legitimate criticism and suggestions for improvement and preserving the vision and integrity of the author. Her professionalism and creativity were evident every step of the process; working with her was pure pleasure."
– Anne Miller, author of "Mashkiki Rapids"
"In selecting Little Big Bay to publish my fourth book, I clearly made the right choice. Ros Nelson was a joy to work with in all regards. I self-published the first three, and they lacked the professionalism evident in this fourth volume. From editorial advice to formatting, cover design, etc, the entire process went smoothly. The end result is a book I'm quite proud of, and I didn't drive myself crazy with the details that are better left to a professional."

– Rob Ganson, author of "70% Water"

"A year ago, I wrote my first book of poems. I was very nervous about finding the right publisher and shopped everywhere, including the "big box" publishers before finding Ros. She was exactly what I was looking for: someone who knew the business, was local and "held my hand" every step of the way for a price that was extremely fair. I will certainly go to her when I am ready to publish my second book of poems."

– Gwendolynn Nanette Smith Patterson, author of "The Music of Bees"

"As I said in the acknowledgements of my book, clearly the book gods heard my request when they sent me Ros and Little Big Bay. Ros worked gently with my words to sculpt them into incredible beauty in the form of a book — a book beyond my own vision. The way she puts her skill and intuition together is such a gift … which becomes such an important gift to readers too. In a mostly solitary project of writing a book and making it easily available to the public, Ros was an absolutely essential, enjoyable, and downright brilliant companion and guide.  In fact, I’m already scheming my next book project so I get to work with her again!"

– Starla J. King, author of "Wide Awake. Every Day."
"Ros Nelson, at Little Big Bay Publishing, completed my project in a professional, comprehensive, and timely fashion. No changes were made to my manuscript without approval but suggestions were gratefully accepted for the betterment of the book. 
Ros is a loyal friend to her clients and is not above providing a bit of hand-holding (literally and figuratively) during those times when an author's confidence gets shaky."  

– Laurie Otis, author of "The Cloud Factory"

"I wanted to write a book for busy entrepreneurs but quickly discovered I needed an expert to help me unleash my vision. Ros Nelson did just that. 
As a seasoned publisher and creative dynamo, Ros encouraged, coaxed and guided me through the exciting (and arduous) journey of publishing Create the LIfe You Crave and its companion, Beautiful Journal. She asked questions that would never have crossed my mind; paid attention to all the typography, graphics and publishing details I didn't know existed; and ensured my published books were available online. Ros Nelson has a gift for helping others bring their ideas to life, and I'm grateful to be counted among her published authors." 

– Leslie Hamp, creative catalyst and author of "Create the Life You Crave"