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Little Big Bay (publisher) support writers who are tired of hearing, "You should write a book!"

Authors may have uneven knowledge of layout, typography, grammar, preparation of photos, and getting a book to online retailers. "Easy" layout programs do not solve these issues. Unfortunately, ignorance is bliss, so when your book is in print and you discover that it lacks professional shine, it's too late.

Let us help you soften the rough edges and make sure that the book living in your mind sees the light of day IN STYLE! We provide files for you to upload to a printer or a whole package through to online publishing. 

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Option One

This option is for writers using sources such as Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) or Ingram Spark and are looking for help in making their book look great. You provide printer's specs and ISBN.

We help with size-of-book suggestions, layout, and cover design. Style consistency and typographic correctness is applied throughout your manuscript. A print-ready PDF will be ready for you to upload to the printer/publisher of your choice.  


We'll offer comments on grammar and punctuation and bring to your attention places in the manuscript which the reader might find confusing; basically we act as a fresh eye to your text. This does not include re-structuring or re-writes. We assume that you have already finished that stage. The number of errors that are contained in a "final" manuscript can be startling and occur because the author has been so close to the material, not because they lack competence or skill. It is reassuring to have a final, under-the-microscope look at your text. And, of course, changes are only made with your approval.

Option Two: Turnkey


This total package is for writers who want to avoid the learning curve in bringing a book to the online marketplace.
These additional steps are added to Design & Editing described above.
— Obtain and pay any relevant fees for the barcode and ISBN
— Pay to upload book files to the printer and supply a sample book as your final, sign-off proof
— Enter metadata at Bowker® which is the world's leading provider of bibliographic information management designed to help publishers, booksellers, and libraries. 
— Pay for 5-year visibility at and other online retailers and bring your book to a global market
— Pay royalties on a regular basis and offer book orders to authors at excellent, discounted rates.

After determining the scope of your book project, you will receive a detailed, no-obligation contract to review before  any financial or verbal commitments. It will explain what product and benefits you receive; what book production will cost; and estimates of profits you can expect in different markets.
Get started by sending an email, using the CONTACT page, with as much of this information as you have available: subject, title, size of book, estimated number of pages, illustrated or not. Include any questions you might have.

We understand that this description may change. 
Please include both an email address and telephone number.

Every book is a true individual, and so are you.
That's how we'll treat both of you


Little Big Bay publishes through Lightning Source, which is a subsidiary of leading U.S. publishing services company Ingram Content Group – the leading printer and distributor of print-on-demand books (“POD”). Their digital library holds over 5.5 million books and adds several hundred thousand each month.